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At Yoder’s Dutch Barns, we’re proud of our wide inventory selection, including the customization options we offer for newly built products. We truly have something to offer virtually all home and property owners in the Middle Tennessee area, including:

Metal roofing and siding—Whether it’s for a home, barn, workshop, cabin, or any other structure, you can count on our metal roofing and siding to enhance its durability, reliability, and beauty.

Storage sheds—Our storage sheds are available in four unique styles, and they can be custom built to accommodate a variety of needs. Use your storage shed to store lawn equipment, recreational vehicles, boats, and more.

Cabins—Whether it’s a permanent residence, a vacation home, a hunting/fishing shelter, or simply a private getaway, our cabins are attractive, well-built, and highly versatile. Get yours with a 4’ or 6’ porch, metal roof, and two windows to catch the sunrise and sunset.

Garages—Even the most spacious home garages are often lacking when it comes to storage capacity. That’s where we come in. Our garages are custom built to accommodate any and all needs. Build yours to house your vehicles, ATVs, and tools from the elements this winter.

Carports—Want safe storage for your vehicles but don’t need a fully enclosed garage? A carport may be the ideal solution for you. Carports protect vehicles and boats from the harshest elements of the weather, including rainfall, ice, hail damage, sun damage, and even falling limbs.

Horse barns—All horse barns aren’t created equal, and if you want a quality structure to house your animals, look no further than Yoder’s Dutch Barns. In addition to offering custom builds, we also equip our horse barns with metal roofs for durability and provide 12-month warranties.

Gazebos—Gazebos are the ultimate showpieces for homes and properties. They’re ideal places to relax and unwind, or to host events for family and friends. Our gazebos are available in three distinct shapes—octagon, oval, and rectangle—and they’re built using high-quality Southern Yellow Pine.

Outdoor poly furniture—Outdoor furniture must be carefully built and finished to withstand years of exposure to sunlight, heat, cold, and rain. Our poly furniture is constructed with recycled plastics and stainless-steel hardware. Its durability means that we offer a 40-year warranty against cracking and fading.


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