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Temperatures and humidity are still high throughout Tennessee and the South, but the calendar doesn’t lie—winter is only a few months away. That means freezing temperatures with chances of snow and ice will be here before you know it.

Winter weather is much harsher than any other season on anything stored outdoors, in carports, or in poorly built structures. That means there’s no time like right now to purchase and install a high-quality and insulated custom garage for your property.

Why Do You Need a Custom Garage Installed before Winter?

Our custom garages are the ultimate in protection for a variety of items. They’re large enough to store vehicles, including cars, trucks, SUVs, and even boats, and they can also be used to protect all of your lawn care equipment, including mowers.

Cold and freezing temperatures, especially combined with ice and snow accumulation, can do a number on engines, batteries, cables, and connections. Keeping your vehicles and other investments protected and indoors in an insulated environment throughout the winter lengthens their lifespan and keeps them in tip-top shape for the spring.

custom garage builderGet the Garage You Want When You Order from Us

At Yoder’s Dutch Barns, we know that not everyone has the same needs when it comes to garages. That’s why we offer plenty of customization options. Choose your color metal roof, get the size dimensions you want, and add a workshop if you need one. In addition, you can choose from 23 different colors to make your new garage match your home and property.

All of our custom garages and workshops come with #1 lifetime metal and a 30-year warranty on fade. That means you can have peace of mind knowing that your garage will function and look great for years to come. Contact us to order your new garage today.