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At Yoder’s Dutch Barns, we know that many families need extra storage for things like lawn care equipment, home improvement tools, sporting goods, and more. But storage sheds don’t always have to be used to store things, especially when they’re insulated and connected to electrical and plumbing systems.

A few unique and interesting uses for our sheds include:

· Art studios—Whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist, painting inside your own or your garage isn’t always ideal. Having a separate space that’s just a few feet from your home can give you the freedom and convenience to express yourself and your creativity.

· Rehearsal space—Playing an instrument or practicing with your band can be cathartic and invigorating, but the noise levels aren’t always appreciated by other family members. Storage sheds can provide a comfortable space to write, practice, and play live music.

· Exercise room—Home gyms are becoming more and more popular, but not everyone has the space for all the necessary equipment. Whether you’re a cardio fanatic or are big into weightlifting, our storage sheds have enough room to place your favorite equipment.

· Hunting or fishing lodge—If you own property that’s near a lake, pond, or river, or if you have the privilege of hunting on your own property, you know that lugging your equipment out can be a hassle. Our storage sheds can double as hunting and fishing lodges, giving you a quiet retreat and a convenient place to storage your equipment.

With 18 colors and three unique shed styles to choose from—utility sheds, garden sheds, and lofted barn sheds—we offer property owners a variety of options if they’re looking for low-maintenance small buildings. All our sheds are backed with 12-month warranties and come with rent-to-own options, making it easy to get the shed you want.

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